Our Mission

NW Disability Support promotes advocacy and education for an inclusive community.

We achieve this work through two organizations:

Northwest Down Syndrome Association: Creating and nurturing a loving and inclusive community celebrating every person with Down syndrome.  Learn about NWDSA’s programs, supporting individuals from birth through adulthood and their families, at nwdsa.org

ABI Community: A collaboration of programs, trainings, workshops, resources, and supports that has grown around the All Born (in) movement and our annual Cross-Disability Best-Practices Educational Inclusion Conference.  Learn more about the Education, advocacy and training for all disability groups at abicommunity.org

Board of Directors

Steven Holland – President is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in finance,and is currently Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis with The Campbell Group, LLC, and is a CFA. He has been with NW Disability Support since 2001, serving at different times as board member, treasurer and president.

Angela Jarvis-Holland – Executive Director has a B.S. in Nursing, a B.A. in Sociology from University of East London and a Master’s degree in Youth and community change and non-profit management from Manchester Metropolitan University. Social Entrepreneurship and community organizing for wellness and empowerment have been a passion and career for many years. Angela volunteered for the NWDSA for seven years before becoming the executive director in 2008.

Abigail Braithwaite holds a bachelor’s degree in Medieval Spanish Literature and worked with at-risk youth in a variety of settings before becoming a mom. She joined the NW Disability Support board in the fall of 2007, and works as a volunteer on new parent outreach, project support, writing and communications.

Giuseppe Lipari is a creative director working in a freelance capacity as well as with local and national companies for branding marketing and design needs. He joined the NW Disability Support Advisory Board in 2008 and the Board of Directors in 2010.

Ruth Falco directs the Research Center on Inclusive and Effective Educational Practices at PSU. Her areas of research include transition from preschool to kindergarten for children with extensive support needs, implementation multi-tiered supports for all children in general education classes, and comprehensive educational and support programs for children with autism and other significant disabilities.

Jennifer Mckenna has 15 years program management, business operations, personnel & event management, contract negotiation and vendor management.

Molly Hulett lives in Oregon City and is the parent to Lilly who is six and Parker who is eight and in 3rd grade. Parker also experiences Down syndrome. Molly is a former graduate of the KIC the year before Parker transitioned to kindergarten. Molly is also a teacher at Clackamas ESD